Man working on Southgate effigy
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Man sets to work on Gareth Southgate effigy

A Birmingham-based England fan has begun work on his Gareth Southgate effigy following England’s defeat to Belgium on Thursday night.

Mark Davis, 36, felt Southgate should have gone for the jugular instead of making wholesale changes to his side, believing England have now “lost momentum”.

As recently as Sunday he suggested Southgate should be knighted after England’s 6-1 dismantling of Panama. He has also been impressed with the way the manager has “handled the media”, “unified the dressing room” and other such soundbites.

But the loss to Belgium left a sour taste, and it wasn’t long before work began on a highly flammable Southgate effigy.

He said: “I’m absolutely fuming. Football was coming home until that knob left King Harry on the bench.

“If we lose to Colombia he needs to take a long, hard look at himself. There will only be one man to blame.

“If we beat Colombia, he should have the freedom of England.”

“Whatever happens, you can guarantee my emotions will be blown completely out of proportion.”